Google Chrome: Things you should know about!

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Google Chrome:  Things you should know about!

There are quite a lot of tricks, making one's Internet surfing effortless.

Certainly, you may know about some of them, but if not, then it'll be a beneficial package for you!

These all handy tips for chrome(one or two for google itself) would let you a smooth browsing experience!

So, without any tick away, let's have a look at them:

1. Chrome Flags -

You can browse flags just by typing 'chrome://flags'  in the search bar. Flags contain features that are for experiment purposes or in the beta version, which are disabled by default. You just have to enable them!

Some of the best tools in chrome://flags, you can try right now are:  

1.1 Force Dark Mode 

Love Dark Mode? This feature will render all your web pages in the dark mode so that you can experience a great dark theme on your favorite website.

Fact: Dark Mode saves the battery life, makes you stay focused on the content, reduces the glare on the screen(so that your eyes can have a longer life).

Does the site where you're reading this have a dark theme? 

1.2 Parallel Downloading

Instead of downloading the block of a file, parallel downloading enables the file download in smaller chunks(as the IDM downloader does), which highly accelerates the speed of downloading a particular file.

1.3 Tab Hover Card Images

This feature from flags allows the user to preview the whole page without landing on that tab. It's really helpful when you've like tons of tabs open and want to land on the desired tab without any failure or when you want to compare two products on different sites.

2. Extensions -

Most probably, you'll all know about the extensions in chrome and have a few extensions on your browser, they just add some new features to our browser.

You can enable any chrome extension by going to Chrome Web Store.

The best extensions you should have on your browser -

2.1 Chrome Remote Desktop

By using this extension you can control your desktop from other devices(phone, tablet, or any other desktop). 

2.2 LastPass

Using this extension, you can save your important passwords for different websites in one place, securely. 

2.3 AdBlock Plus

As the name suggests, this extension blocks the majority of the ads from websites as well as from YouTube, blocking viruses and malware.

2.4 Web Developer

This extension is for the developers. It shows a toolbar on every webpage for using different development tools(disable JavaScript or CSS, resize the image, etc.).

2.5 Google Docs Offline

The Majority of the content writers use Google Docs for writing content for others or for themselves.  What if you can use Google Docs Offline? Yes, by using this extension you can use Google Docs for editing, creating, or updating a Google Doc file, without using the Internet.

3. Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button -

It's not a new feature by Google, had since the year 2000.

Now, this feature is irrespective of the browser you are using, you just need to open the google search engine -

This feature has a lot of fun attached to it. You just need to type a keyword and instead of pressing the search button, you've to press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, you'll see some crazy stuff going on there!

Try typing one of these and click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button -

1. Google Gravity

2. Google Sphere

3. Do a Barrel roll

4. Google Mirror

There are a lot more...

What happens when you click the button?

4. Shortcuts -

Shortcuts while browsing on the internet lead to boost productivity and efficiency as well.

These shortcuts work only for the desktop-based web experience, as desktop-based browsing is most ideal for heavy tasks (IT NEEDS SHORTCUTS).

Some of my favorites and most useful are:

1. Windows: ctrl + shift + T

    Mac:  ⌘ + Shift + T

It opens up the recently closed tabs, so if you accidentally close one, you'll get it back

2. Windows: ctrl + num keys(1-0)

    Mac: ⌘ + num keys(1-0)

It makes you land to a specific tab. Say, if you want to open the third tab, you just need to press ctrl + 3. That's it!

3. Windows: ctrl + W

    Mac: ⌘ + W

It closes the current tab.

4. Windows: ctrl + T

    Mac: ⌘ + T

Opens a new tab.

5. Windows: ctrl + J

    Mac: ⌘ + J

To open the download page.

6. Windows: ctrl + F

    Mac: ⌘ + F

Used to search any word on the page.

Which one is your favorite?

- Prakshal Jain

You can put your queries in the comment section below, would be glad to answer your questions!

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