Can one love and eat animals at the same time? - The Meat Paradox

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Can one love and eat animals at the same time? - The Meat Paradox

This paradox is just a psychological conflict on how humans’ morality can vary contrarily and not discuss the cruelty against other animals(Which is a big theme these days).

The meat paradox winds up humans’ ambivalence towards the animals, on how they bother about their pets’ well-being and, in contrast, serve themselves the factory-farmed meat.

Most of the individuals are indulged in eating meat; even then, most of them find animals suffering displeasing, manic disturbing, and rude.

What if you ordered meat for lunch and the packaging for that meal says, Chickens have been slashed with too much cruelty, just to serve you this meal, hope you’ll love this!, will you seriously consider to eat that meal with all your heart?

In this case, If I were a non-vegetarian, my mind would get staggered. Phew!

According to analysts, the number of animals killed for food purposes each year is 150 billion. Same is the volume of animal curators, I think. 

Then why this double-dealing?

Just because it tastes good? Or is it rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and several other nutrients? For some sensory pleasure or the tradition of ethics? Or for health-related issues?

This blog post discusses the meat paradox, not debate the supremacy of vegan or non-vegan diets.

If we look deep into human research, we are not designed to be carnivorous. We can have a well-balanced life considering only the plant-based diet. There is no necessity for animal slaughtering and their ache.

Those who make arguments in favor of animal liquidation may be unaware that plenty of tough animals are herbivores as well.

People rarely anticipate knowing where the meat came from and what they had been through, but on the other hand, they can’t tolerate their pets having a bruise.

Meat eaters highly experience dissonance. We are merely able to glimpse when the term pork is used instead of pig and beef for cows. This certainly reduces empathy.

Satisfying our pleasure towards starvation is our fundamental right, and meat on the plates is an old culinary centered dish.

People often favor eating meat with some infuriating facts just to get rid of dissonance. Some say that they buy meat of a dead animal from the store and hence they don’t harm the animals in any direct way. Some say that no animal tolerates their fragmentation. The time it takes to cut their head is faster than the message signal they receive into their brain, so they don’t get any time to feel the pain.

What? Really?

Does the animal suffer during slaughtering? 

Animal slaughtering or killing has specific rules attached to it:

1. Stunning - This process causes animals to lose their consciousness, resulting in feeling less pain.

2. Forming groups of animals during their sticking(new cutting) so that they don’t handle stress during the process.

3. Use of proper animal handling techniques.

These techniques are to reduce pain. But killing is just killing, no matter what’s the process and how less the animal suffers. Death is just more or less painful! 

At least once in a lifespan, almost every vegan or a vegetarian has been disgusted by eating meat, from the known ones. But several of them approved taking this step

Calling India a significant country for vegetarians will be a myth. Only around 20-25% of Indians consume a proper vegetarian diet containing about 80million beef-eaters. Eating meat is so mainstream and normal in the country.

So can meat-eaters express their love towards animals?

YES. Albeit people eat meat, they undoubtedly can convey their love towards animals. Every meat-eater faces a state of cognitive dissonance, which is having uncertain beliefs or thoughts. 

There’s nothing to think about having a pet and yet eating the meat. 

There are meat eaters who selflessly care for animals and will not eat animals for the same species. Same as a vegetarian who loves veggies but not broccoli or the bitter melon. 

How can we solve this paradox?

Everyone can develop a state of hypocrisy in their cultural or social habitat. In the case of meat-eating, one can either change the etiquette or change the faith.

We can bring in substantial information that can override this belief.

Can stop consuming meat right now or can develop a myth; why eating meat is NOT A PROBLEM. 

What else we can do is make the animals cuter than they are. The process can be called ‘Cutification’. This is not a joke; people in Japan are considering this process!

- Prakshal Jain 

You can put your queries in the comment section below, would be glad to answer your questions! 

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