The Mandela Effect - Multiverse or Misbelief?

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The Mandela Effect - Multiverse or Misbelief?

What is the Mandela Effect?  

Our memory had never been flawless. Things from false imitation of tiny incidents to significant events in our memory changed surprisingly. 

Have you ever misremembered any event or misquoted something you were sure about but later came to know that the event never occurred in the past or the quote was never the same?

If yes, the Mandela effect is a term for that!

This effect is simply a phenomenon where a large group of people or sometimes individuals think of an event that never occurred or took place differently. 

Let’s look at some examples that everyone can relate to.

Examples of Mandela Effect 

1. Nelson Mandela’s death - The reason you all are here and why this phenomenon was termed as The Mandela Effect is just because of this mind-blasting uncertainty between certain groups of people. Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, actually died in 2013. But numerous people remembered that he died in the 1980s, in prison, and even watched his funeral on TV. 

2. Shahenshah - Almost every Indian can relate to this misbelief. This false memory can lead to serious concern among most individuals. A well-remembered dialogue by Indians from the movie - Shahenshah, “Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai…”, is actually not like that. The correct dialogue which was cast is like, “Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap hote hai...”. If you want proof, here it is - Original Dialogue. The majority of individuals have mispronounced dialogue in their minds. Even several newly released movies use the wrong dialogue.

3. Pikachu’s tail - Though most of the cartoon freaks remembered a black patch on the tail of Pikachu’s character. But in reality, only the ears have that black patch. Does anyone remember the black patch? 

4. Mona Lisa’s smile - Does the portrait of Mona Lisa have a smiling face or not? Many people just remembered Mona Lisa’s pale face, but the reality is Mona Lisa does have a smiling face on the portrait. But in this case for the Mandela Effect has specific scientific explanations as well. Scientists say that viewing this portrait from different angles can lead to this misbelief among other people.

5. Sri Lanka Location - Seriously, this one is not a joke. Many individuals believe that Sri Lanka is not in the same position as it was earlier in its physical position. People think Sri Lanka used to be in a straight line below India and remembered the global maps for the same. They can’t believe how it shifted to the south-eastern side of India. 

6. The Great Wall of India - Do you know which is the second-largest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China and where it is located? If you don’t, it is located near Udaipur, India. It is a 36km long continuous wall but was never majorly endorsed in our studies. Not much in history books as well. Individuals say that they never heard of this wall and just got its knowledge in recent years. How did our books cast away this huge historical World Heritage Site? Strange?

The cause of Mandela Effect 

Why does this phenomenon occur enormously in everyone’s brain? 

1. Flawed memory - It is a syndrome, mostly occurring in adults, where they believe in the event that never materialized. This syndrome held by individuals is so strong and clear that they cannot bear the truth. 

2. Filling the gaps - Most of the time, we try to fill up the gaps for any past incident. When we only know a little part of what is happening, we try to fill in the gaps of memory that we don’t remember. This filling of unremembered gaps is scientifically termed confabulation. 

3. Internet’s Upshot - The Internet has an enormous influence on human society. People believe what the internet shows them. Despite researching the topic further, individuals believe the fallacies it may have. 

4. Suggestive Impact - Other’s manipulation in our mind stays strong. What society decides about any happening can definitely stroke our mind, changing reality into a deception. 

5. Multiverse theory - This is really a fascinating and among the most controversial approaches in the world. Many conspiracies had been there around this theory. This theory states that there are multiple parallel universes and contains everything that our universe has, with different space-time and energy. The Mandela Effect is linked with this theory in such a way that the events that people remember occurred in some other universe in the past. Enthusiasts explain that the total number of parallel universes is always equal to the total number of possibilities. 

6. Time Travel - The believers of time-travel have a totally different way to explain this phenomenon. They observe this effect as an instance of time-travel. The time-travelers travel back in time and change certain occurrences that really happened, and people in the present slip into confusion. 

There always exist three sides - Your side, My side, and the truth.

How to acknowledge the Mandela Effect? 

It’s not easy as it may seem to us. Solving this effect and acquiring the real truth can be considerably tricky. The only way to obtain the reality is by discussing with more people and collecting the same remembrance, and steadily researching the web.

Despite having individual verifications, this effect will remain in the war of words, as our memory’s imperfection can’t be rectified after a definite limit.  

Needless to say that we don’t know everything, but as the occurrences for this effect will grow on, the reality of this effect will unfold.  

There’s a dedicated movie on this effect - The Mandela Effect(Movie), which I really endorse you to watch at least once. 

- Prakshal Jain 

Let me know in the comment section below(sounds like I’m a YouTuber) if you ever faced the Mandela effect in your life.