Mixed Reality - A New Vision

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Mixed Reality - A New Vision

What is Mixed Reality?

It is the blend of real and virtual or computer-based world, where the virtual graphics are fused with the natural world scenarios. Unlike Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality is interactive and real-time technology. This technology gives its user an unusual experience, as they can use their physical gestures to alter the virtual environment. It provides the ability to interact with digital environments in real-time. Users can open up mysterious virtual chests by their real hand movements or push and pull things present in the virtual environment. There are a lot more tasks they can perform using this technology. There are two MR systems, Marker-based and Markerless. 

How Mixed Reality Works?

Mixed Reality is a combination of both Virtual and Augmented Reality. The devices used to experience this technology are built with several high-end sensors, advanced processors and three-dimensional vision. The concept of Mixed Reality is not to produce 3D images that everyone present can see. Only the one who is wearing the MR device can feel the virtual and real environment's fusion. MR devices overlay the images or videos over the natural world through the screen so that the user can spin things around.  

How does Mixed Reality differ from AR/VR?

For knowing the difference between MR and AR/VR, first, let's look at the difference between AR and VR. 

Virtual Reality (VR) completely pulls out the real physical world by ultimately pushing the user into the virtual world. For those who want to experience VR technology, they can test it on video platforms like YouTube. There are various VR devices for testing this technology, such as the Oculus Quest 2, Sony PlayStation VR and HP Reverb G2.

Augmented Reality (AR), contrarily, places the virtual 3D objects in the real world. These objects can be seen through special devices or apps/software. The game Pokémon GO, and various filters on social media are based on this technology. Some impressive devices are dedicated to AR, such as Toshiba dynaEdge AR100 Viewer, Vuzix M300, Google Glass Enterprise Edition and various apps available for free to everyone. 

Now there's Mixed Reality (MR), a hybrid of both VR and AR technology. Here both virtual and real-world interact. Users can use gestures and other physical movements to sense and manipulate virtual objects. Both AR and VR don't give its user the ability to connect with virtual items.  

How Mixed Reality can be used in real life?

There are many real-life use cases of MR technology: 

1. For Education - For both educators and learners, this technology can lead to their high success. In this era of online education, the branches with more physical workshops classes can acquire this system. Having MR systems can positively engage learners without any geographical constraints. 

2. For Entertainment and Gaming - Both gaming and other entertainment sectors are in a tremendous boom nowadays. Having a deep-feel of 360-degree environment and manipulating virtual objects can be an immersive experience for everyone.  

3. For Assembling and Construction - To examine how an object can be placed in a specific position and altering the end product's errors by only using 3D virtual objects can be pretty much helpful for workers. 

4. For Training - MR systems can be beneficial for new or upcoming staff members by providing them products remotely to test or gain knowledge at their own places. This will be a more employee-friendly program for an organization. 

How to experience Mixed Reality?

There are already many devices present that are targeted to provide a superior, comfortable, and convenient MR technology experience.   

Some of the most famous and accessible devices are:

1. Microsoft's HoloLens - Check availability here

2. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ - Check availability here 

3. Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Check availability here

4. HP Reverb - Check availability here

Some gaming and entertainment zones, nowadays, are also owning these systems for more engagement of customers. 

- Prakshal Jain 

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